Powder (ombre) Brows


The Powdered Ombre Powder Brow is the most innovative and wanted look within the industry right now! Natalie works with a huge client base and has worked with celebrities to give them the perfect Ombre Brow. 

The Ombre brow can also be designed so that you can have natural hairstrokes added to the front of the brows with gradual shading to combine the hairstrokes and powder brow together.

The Powder Ombre Brow has been created to give a very soft diluted colour starting at around 20% gradient at the front of the brows going right through to 80% into the arch and tails. With a lighter front to the brow and a gradual darker depth through to the tail of the brow, creates the perfect Ombre Brow which results in a soft misty, fluffy finish behind the natural hairs. This technique heals to reveal very natural results and lasts for up to three years providing the aftercare is carried out correctly.


The colour will soften around 30-50% in the first 2 weeks of healing and then a top up will be carried around 6-8 weeks after the first procedure. Please note this is a Cosmetic Tattoo and should be thought about with much care before booking an appointment.




The process is very precise thanks to the tool that is used which is effectively like a pen with the nib being a sloped blade with 10-12 little needles at the end – needles that don’t penetrate the skin but just delicately scratch the surface, much like a paper cut.

The needle very finely implants featherweight strokes with a medical grade pigment on the epidermis layer for the skin, creating fine, realistic and natural hair strokes.

One of the biggest advantages to having microblading is that you get all of the advantages of a tattoo without the permanent aspect, that’s why microblading is considered to be semi-permanent. And by semi-permanent I mean it lasts between 9-18 months.

The microblading procedure involves placing pigment in the dermal/epidermal junction which makes the pigment stay there, but not forever.

One of the benefits of not going as deep as a tattoo is the fact that it will eventually fade over time. Which can be helpful if you decide you don’t want to continue with the brows after 1-2 years or decide you want to change colours.

Another reason its beneficial for your brows to fade is as we age gravity plays a roll in our skin, so we don’t want brows on our face that fit us in our 20’s but in our 60’s is too low. We can keep changing the shape as your face and style changes.


Eyebrow Prices

Microblading - £220

Powder Brows - £250

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